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Know us

The Laboratoire Public d’Essais et d’Etudes or “LPEE”, public laboratory for tests and studies which creation goes back to 1947, is a public company with the current legal status of limited liability.
Currently, the LPEE provides services in various civil engineering and building, environment, hydraulics and related industries. Its services also cover the entire life cycle of civil engineering works and products which are charged for them: the design, study, testing, monitoring and assistance, counseling.
The LPEE has three qualities which make him a pioneer in its field of intervention:

  •  A knowledge capital gained in over 60 years enabling it to develop synergies force maintainability, pooling, scalability and impact;
  •  A human capital level and multi-domain technique with a senior management ratio greater than 30%;
  •  Measuring instruments and advanced equipment customizable to customer needs

LPEE chose simultaneously the specialization and proximity through specialized institutions in Casablanca and regional offices throughout the Moroccan territory.

  •  10 specialized centers in Casablanca: Major works, geotechnical, transportation infrastructure, materials, electricity, metrology, Hydraulic and Environment,
  • 12 regional centers and laboratories covering all regions of Morocco and offering local services capable of meeting the deadlines and expectations of the professionals.

Today : the LPEE is present in all major cities of Morocco, employs over 1000 people and has a turnover exceeding 500 million of Dirham.

2001 : National accreditation by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MCI - Morocco) for several routine tests

1994 : Received the first accreditation by the "COFRAC" (French Accreditation Committee);

1973 : "Moroccanization" of LPEE which becomes a "limited liability company of the mixed economy" in the round several national offices, such as ONE, ONCF, ONEP. Its workforce consisting of a few engineers and technicians and its presence in Casablanca;

1947 : Creation in Morocco of a civil engineering laboratory managed under concession by a French laboratory;